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SWA Activities

some of our public activities:


a.. Al-Taya, Newsletter.

b.. SWA booklets, “Sudanese Issues in Beijing’, October 1995.


Organizing public seminars and campaigns, issuing releases and petitions, enlightening the International community with the situation in Sudan.

Seminars and celebrations (in Egypt):

3.. ‘Towards the empowerment of Sudanese Displaced Women’ part of SWA celebration of International Women’s Day , 1995 (with African Studies).

4.. ‘Home, Exile and the Sudanese Child’. (with African Studies, American University)  

5.. ‘Sudanese Women: Past, Present and Future’, November 1996. 

6.. Celebrating Women’s International Day and Child’s International Day, 1996, 1997, 1998.

7.. ‘Sudanese Women and Struggle’, Talk and Campaign on Women’s International Day in Manchester, 1997.

Needs Assessments and Fund-raising campaigns

Organized to support disadvantaged women in and outside Sudan; SWA activities, and Sudanese freedom fighters.

Networking with Sudanese; regional and international women’s organizations.

(More details will be added soon )

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