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Sudan Women Alliance in Garora:

Our branch in Garora has more than 45 committed members in addition to a big number of sympathisers.

Activities are coordinated by an executive office and include a forum for discussion of issues that pertain to women and our political, social and economic empowerment.  Areas where our work is focused at this stage include health, home management and basic literacy.

SWA executive office:

Ammouna Idris, President (organization, human rights and political empowerment).

Khadiga Ibrahim (Income Generation)

Ammouna Ahmad (Home Management Skills)

Omara Salih (Health Education and literacy programme).

Al-Almal (Hope) Primary School:

This school was established by SNA in Garora.  It has three classes (first, second and third years) and is a mixed school.

SNA/SAF sector provides a meal for the pupils while Amal Trust contributes the copybooks, pencils, and other school needs.